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Secure Communications. Personal. Professional.

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Secure Communications. Personal. Professional.

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Secure Communications. Personal. Professional.

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What is Perzo?

Perzo is free. We will never charge you to talk to your friends, family or colleagues.

At Perzo security is our number one priority. Every message you send is encrypted end to end with a different key.

At Perzo it is your data, not ours.

How it Works

You can communicate and share files securely 1-on-1 and in teams.

Organize your messages easily by creating topics in your contact and teams.

You can send secure and free SMS and emails to your contacts.

You can send "Off The Record", "Private" and other types of messages.

You can choose a different picture, location and mood for each one of your contacts.

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"Perzo enables us to communicate effectively with our partners and customers."

- April Gafford, CEO Jato Aviation

"Thanks to Perzo, we can now negotiate our contracts securly online with our lawyers and clients."

- Jonathan Deason, Principal Realtor Vanguard Properties

"Perzo brings together the formality of email and flexibility of chat in one place."

- Tom Russell, Managing Director at Evercore Capital Advisors LLC

About Perzo

David brings more than 20 years of experience in building communication based products. David worked at DEC, France Telecom, ETSI, VocalTec, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Skype and Avaya and is credited to be one of founders of IP Communications.

Mike brings 22 years experience in the communications field. Mike has worked at Alcatel, Assured Access Technologies, Verlink, Madge Networks, Teleos Communications, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Our office is in Palo Alto, California. We are passionate about bringing a new communication experience to individuals and companies that protects the privacy of our users data by encrypting all interactions end-to-end.

  • Ignacio Rovirosa

    Software Engineer
  • Jeff Lam

    Software Engineer
  • Linus PetrĂ©n

    UI & UX Design
  • Lukasz Drozdz

    Software Engineer
  • Mark Hong

    Software Engineer
  • Matthew Slipper

    Software Engineer
  • Sergey Stelmakh

    Software Engineer
  • Viktor Radchenko

    Software Engineer

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